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May 11th, 2007

Picture the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to you. We were having a “top this” discussion with some gal-pals, and we remembered a certain horrifying incident that has yet to be eclipsed. To set the scene…age: early 20s, a new boyfriend, a Monday afternoon off, and the genius idea to hit the nearest bookstore for the Kama Sutra. No big deal, right? It’s not like looking for triple-X porn or anything, but maybe it’s a sign when you’re still shy enough to spend 45 minutes searching the shelves before asking for help.
Since I was clearly lost, when a nice-looking bookstore-person walked by I motioned her over, trying as quietly as I could to ask about the book. Quite loudly, she bleated, “The Kama Sutra? Let me ask Heather.” What?!? OMG, no! She is going to bring someone else into the picture…expanding my shame…and even worse, it turns out that Heather is a girl from my high school! And Heather’s like, “Oh hey, good to see you,” but I know she’s thinking, “Nice. You turned out to be classy.”
Then, to compound the humiliation, Heather says, “Mike knows where to find this,” and calls Mike on her walkie-talkie, and when he joins the party I see that he’s another person from high school, and worse, I went out with him for like two weeks but dumped him because he was too into drama class, and I was more interested in Tony, who played tennis! So now there are three people—two of them former classmates—on a hunt for the Kama Sutra. After what seemed like hours, they finally located it, and though I was dying inside, I had to tell wasn’t the right book. “Um,” I stammered…“Do you have the one with pictures?”


Seattle Picks:


Only In Our Dreams

Let’s see, what shall we do this weekend? We could either jet off to Manhattan for some shopping, or go to Tucker’s t-ball game and then grab a free dinner at Shari’s (one of 97 free ones we have left from the new windshield). Hmmmm. That’s a toughie. We wish we could hit New York to go shopping on a whim, but that’s not really practical in these lives of ours.

But never fear! We can look like we shop LA and NYC with the hottest styles from Merge in Ballard. Until fairly recently, the closest place to find these super-luxe designs and modern classics has been in our dreams, but now they’re at our fingertips.

This cool loft space features a variety of swank labels (Chaiken, Stitch Jeans, Nicholas K, among others) that have been tricky to find in the Northwest. Items ranging from beautiful dresses to luxury tees, designer denim and locally designed jewelry will satisfy the most stylish shoppers’ needs. You must visit, and tell them Seattle Picks sent you!

5000 20th Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107


Here’s a Winner

We were about to start our fat-flush diet. So in anticipation, we set out in pursuit of a memorable “last meal.” Since we crave baked goods over a good steak, we decided a little binge, before our purge, was just the ticket. But it had to be the best, a lasting vision we could hold on to while we were drinking our fish oil smoothies. And we found it at Trophy Cupcakes.

Trophy is a winner for sure, and boy do they know cupcakes. That’s all they do (well, practically.) Finger-licking, mouth-watering, ooey gooey, decadent cupcakes. Moist, fresh cupcakes, smeared with heavy, sweet frosting. Oh, mercy!

And the space is awesome, simple yet elegant, down to the staff’s adorable uniforms. And when combined with their French-press coffee and their red velvet cupcake (our personal fave), this is a nirvana we will be speeding back to, just as soon as we’re finished flushing our fat.

Trophy Cupcakes and Party
1815 N. 45th St., Ste. #209
Seattle, WA 98103


Hey Sugar

We had a friend that thought it would be a good idea to have his back waxed. He had no idea what waxing was or what it felt like. He was actually anticipating a relaxing spa experience, like a massage. So he went in, they poured nice hot wax on his back, ahhhhh, and then like duct tape, they proceeded to yank his hair out, again, and again, as he yelped in pain.

Now we on the other hand know what waxing is like, since we’ve done it countless times on practically every part of our body, and we will continue, because honestly, just like the pair of high-heels we bought in a size too small because we had to have them, no pain, no gain, right? Still, there are, um, some places that hurt more than others, so when we heard about sugaring, we decided to try it.

The Sweet Spot specializes in Brazilians, using the ancient Middle Eastern technique of sugaring. Sugaring is a safe, pure and all-natural alternative to waxing—it’s just sugar, water and can eat it! (But you shouldn’t.) Anyhoo, now that you know what to expect, you should try it. Go for it, Sugar.

The Sweet Spot
473 North 36th St., Suite D
Seattle, WA 98103


Elements of (Local) Style

We love local designers, we live for them frankly, and we give them our undivided attention. It’s almost a cult thing with us. We feel a deep-seated need to support our local talent, perhaps because we lack it ourselves! But it has to be real talent—local on its own doesn’t cut it—we are very discriminating. Call us snobs, call us fancy pants, we don’t care… sticks and stones don’t break our bones. Which is why we heart Fancy + Pants, a store that is all about local talent.

Fancy + Pants carries custom jewelry and wedding rings, plus accessories, clothing, and the cuuuutest panties, all handmade by local designers. They also have a rotating monthly art show to deck the walls as you peruse the wares of more than 30 local artists.

But that’s not all…what’s behind Door Number 2? And 3? In addition to Fancy + Pants, there’s Shmancy, a cool collectibles toy store, and Nancy, which specializes in stationery, custom letterpress and artwork. They have a true-blue trifecta of fabulousness, a trilogy of awesome, three-stop shopping for all your giftees, and you.

Fancy + Pants
1914 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101


You’re So Fine

The sun is out and we have that “spring feeling,” the one we had in high school after we just got our license. We would roll the windows down, crank up our tunes (which severely date us…as in “Oh, Mickey you’re so fine”) and drive by dreamy Kent’s house, again and again and again. We’re actually feeling 17 again lately, thanks to the weather.

And to celebrate the spring in our step, we’re tossing out the old cosmetics and investing in fresh, fun new makeup and skincare products that will morph us into a fair maiden, all dewy and gorgeous. Our first stop? Ambrosia Beauty.

This Bainbridge beauty is not to be missed, and it’s worth the little trip. Ambrosia offers best-sellers like the Hourglass and Scott Barnes cosmetics (both are exclusive to this store), Sundari skincare, L'Artisan Parfumeur, and La Compagnie de Provence soaps & lotions. They also show you how to wear it—which is genius, since we still wear the same eyeliner we liked when we were 17. Ouch!

Ambrosia Beauty
108 Winslow Way West
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


Skincare Problems Solved

Pathetically, we are willing to explore any sort of magic “fountain of youth” pill that knocks on our door. Oh yeah, we’ll try it. And we do this just for you. We’re willing to guinea-pig ourselves, to wade through the hype and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

And, okay, it’s for us too, since we’ll obsessively try anything. Like the magical facial from Institute Soliv that gave us an immediate lift right then and there along with drop-dead baby-soft skin. Institute Soliv creates exclusive neutraceutical skincare products from the waters of the Pacific Northwest, and their products and specialized treatments will leave you feeling repaired, lifted, energized and rejuvenated. Their products are carefully designed to get at your trouble spots—they promise to reduce slackening, eye bags, and puffiness (all nasty, nasty words). All of which proves that these guys know what they’re doing.

Yes, this is a laboratory we’ll hang out in, and it’s right here, headquartered in our backyard. Check it out for yourself. It makes a great girlfriends field trip (including the magical facials!)

Söliv Institute Headquarters
2756 NE 45th St., Suite 104
Seattle, WA 98105

  Chick Picks:  

Is Your Life in Your Bag?

As if we don’t bring you enough handbags. These beauties are the ultimate in organization-meets-style, and if you struggle with day-planner, iPod, wallet, lipstick, and kiddie toys with no place to stash them, get the look and the function with Chelsey Henry’s adorable bags.

Even if you’re not a mom, order now for Mother’s Day (it’s not too late) and get 20% off. Order online and enter the code GIFT4MOM at checkout, or call 1.877.CHELSEA. This is the perfect gift for anyone on the go!

Almost Elementary

Even though our name has a Scandinavian spelling, we can’t claim any familial ties to that part of the world. Instead, we shop for items that reflect the heritage we never had, which is where Elentari Handverk steps in.

Each contemporary design reflects the artist’s Nordic roots, using ancient motifs. Most fascinating is the use of alchemy—materials are shaped by hand like clay, but when fired in a kiln, the designs transform from gray lumps into pure silver or gold. Talk about practical magic!

Pad Your Pad

We are just the teeniest bit house-obsessed, so it’s no surprise that we religiously read home design blogs like Decor8 and Apartment Therapy. Just imagine how excited we were to see Portland’s own Frazier & Wing receiving shout-outs from the very best!

This is fitting, of course, because the designs are amazing—graphic pillows in jewel-toned fabrics, and whimsical mobiles handcrafted from recycled magazines. Perfect for kids and adults, these hanging beauties are sure to have a place in our pad soon.

Get Dizzy with Izzy

You’ve been invited to five weddings (all in July), and it’s all becoming a bit of blur telling one apart from the other. When it’s your turn, impress the rest with your own invitations and announcements from izzy girl.

You get to be the designer (sort of)—you work directly with izzy girl to create original designs. And they’re not just for weddings, but for any event!  From paper to packaging, izzy girl’s your source for splash.

Think Outside the Bra

Lift your girls for that perky B.K. (Before Kids) look without a bra! Created by Seattle-based designer Paige Fortner, PK Fashion’s Cleavage Couture adhesive bra cups are quickly becoming a staple in Hollywood, with Carmen Electra, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Jennifer Garner and Brooke Shields all sporting them (though you’d never notice!)

Fashion Stick Cups (their latest design) and PermaCups (waterproof and work under swimsuits) are quickly replacing uncomfortable strapless bras and unsupportive, stick-to-the-skin bra cups as the undergarment must-have!

Hip Happenings:


Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Celebrate this Mother’s Day by giving yourself or a loved one the gift of health, fitness, friendship and fun. These fitness classes combine cardiovascular work, strength and conditioning exercises, and Pilates mat work. SPECIAL OFFER—mention Seattle Picks when you sign up for your first class package and get $20 off! Offer good thru May 31, 2007.

What: Baby Boot Camp
When: Monday-Saturday
Where: Edmonds, Redmond, Sammamish and Woodinville
Contact: Sissel Brunette (Edmonds) 206.409.0536 or Stefanie Harris (Redmond, Sammamish, and Woodinville) 425.281.1635

Seattle International Film Festival

Enjoy the 33rd Annual Seattle International Film Festival. The largest film festival in the United  States, SIFF features over 550 screenings of 270 features and 140 shorts in 25 days. Festival selections are eclectic and wide-ranging, from independent maverick works to studio masterpieces and include gala premieres, new films from emerging and master filmmakers.

What: 33rd Annual Seattle International Film Festival
When: Thursday, May 24, through Sunday, June 17
Where: SIFF Cinema at Seattle Center, Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, The Egyptian Theatre, The Harvard Exit Theatre, The Neptune Theatre, AMC Pacific Place 11, Lincoln Square Cinemas, The Northwest Film Forum and Seattle Cinerama Theatre

Pamper Mom at the Hotel Max

The Hotel Max offers a Mother’s Day package sure to make mom feel pampered and relieved! The “Mother of All Packages” includes an evening of spa, luxury and shopping while someone else takes care of the chores. Package includes massages for two, a $250 Nordstrom gift certificate for each, a leisurely lunch at Serafina, and most important, house-cleaning for both moms!

What: “The Mother of All Packages” at Hotel Max
When: Now through May 31
Rates: Starting at $1750
Call: 866.833.6299 or 206.728.6299.

Don’t Miss the Ballard Artwalk

So much fun will be had at the Ballard Artwalk this Saturday! And while you’re strolling, stop by Velouria to meet visiting Portland designer Liza Rietz. She’s here with spring/summer line. Velouria is also featuring jewelry designer Adrianna Fie and her line of sterling cut-out animal designs. Plus: artwork by Chris Smith.

What: Ballard Art Walk & Lisa Rietz at Velouria
When: Saturday, May 12, 6-9 pm
Where: Velouria, 2205 N.W. Market St., Seattle,
Call: 206.788.0330

Grilled Cheese & Beer Party at Union
It’s cheese festival time in Seattle, and Union restaurant is kicking off the weekend by hosting a grilled cheese and beer party with author and cheese expert, Laura Werlin. Chef Ethan Stowell will be creating delectable sandwiches featuring Beecher’s handmade cheeses and pairing them with unique and hard-to-find beers. It’s your chance to sample and sip!

What: Grilled Cheese & Beer Party at Union
When: Thursday, May 17, 5-9 pm
Where: Union’s Bar, 1400 First Ave., Seattle
Call: 206.838.8000
  We just got a desperate email from a girlfriend about how she shopped tipsy, after 6 mimosas, and came home with a mis-matched bikini. More on that later!

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