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July 11th, 2008

This past week, a friend sent us one of those silly online tests—to see just how nerdy you really are. We usually pass on tests like this, but this time we were more than a little bit curious to know exactly what our “nerd score” was. You see, while we do enjoy “hip” activities like shopping for designer clothes and dancing our nights away at the city’s hottest clubs, we also take secret pride in how nerdy we really are.

We aren’t ashamed to admit that we love to watch Jeopardy and fantasize about one day auditioning to be a contestant. We can (and sometimes do) quote The Princess Bride to people in conversation. We have read all the Harry Potter books. We enjoy watching documentaries from time to time on the History channel, and we even enjoy spending our weekend evenings perusing the bookstore, hot tea in hand, stocking up on good reads. So, we were expecting to rack up a good, solid nerd score.

Truthfully, we were a little disappointed—we came in only as a “Wanna-be Nerd” but thought we merited at least a “Pretty Nerdy.” We demand a recount!


Seattle Picks:


Gift Goddess

As we pass through the numerous gift-giving occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays, it seems as though the art of gift-giving has become a thing of the past. The Internet offers one-click checkout, couples and children are given a scanner to select their own gifts. Who doesn’t miss the days of the personal, wrapped present with pink tissue paper and a handwritten card?

Next time you’re in the market for a present, add extra love and flair by visiting Martha E Harris. Situated amongst the boutiques of Madison Park, Martha Harris is an inspiration to the long-lost gift goddesses in all of us. From dishes, table décor, lamps, baby gifts and cards to fabulous blooming flowers, we found that the secret to giving as good as we get is simply knowing where to shop.

Shopping for the perfect gift can be very rewarding, especially when you find a little something for yourself. Plus, we think Emily Post would be impressed with our skills. Don’t forget the bow!

Martha E. Harris Flowers & Gifts
4218 E Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98112


Dish d’Jour

We can’t remember the last time we had to decide between our favorite cashmere sweater and our classic cropped trench—in the middle of June! We tried desperately to hold out and not whine, but alas, June-uary has dampened our spirits and our hair. We needed a sprucing up, and we needed it quick!
What better way to lift the spirits than a garden lunch at Trellis? Whether we ate on the patio with precious potted-plant cente pieces, or in the warmth of their wood-laden dining room, we knew we’d enjoy the “of-the-moment” dishes created from the chef’s local, sustainable farm. The grilled broccolini with Roquefort dressing and crispy shallots perked us right up, and the curry chicken-salad sandwich warmed us and channeled a hint of the holidays with its tomato-citrus chutney, laced with allspice and cloves.

We couldn’t figure out if we were in Madras or at Thanksgiving dinner… but it didn’t matter since we were distracted from the grey by their Pacific Northwest-centric wine list, and perfect profiteroles.
in the Heathman Hotel
220 Kirkland Ave.
Kirkland, WA 98033


Hot Bod

We don’t mean to alarm you all, but this superbly sunny weather has a downside—bikini season. Dun dun dun duuun. We aren’t really afraid of sharks at the beach—we find the flab hanging over our swimsuit bottoms much more terrifying than anything lurking in the water. Hey, nothing like a beautiful day to make you feel pasty and out of shape, right?

Bodytonic Pilates to the rescue! This funky spot in Pioneer Square has just what you need for a toned and bikini-ready bod. The helpful staff is knowledgeable and encouraging—perfect for us lazy ladies. Plus, they provide one-on-one classes or discounted group sessions to fit into any budget. We loved the turn-of-the-century digs, the boutique-y feel, and the fun routines (seriously, we were breathing like Darth Vader but it was fun).

We even loved the body aches the following day—it meant we were that much closer to frolicking down the beach in our bikini—and looking like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Bodytonic Pilates
89 Yesler Way, Third Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

  Cocktail of the Week!

Blackberry Thai Basil Mojito
from The City Catering Company

Our own personal-favorite drink to imbibe freely during the warm summer months is a sweetly refreshing Mojito. So, when we ran across this delicious-sounding twist on our old standby, from The City Catering Company, we knew we had to have one—and quick! Should you want one as badly as we did, hire City Catering for your next summer event or mix it up at home.

Blackberry Thai Basil Mojito:
4 ripe blackberries
½ lime
6 leaves of Thai basil
2 tsp, sugar
2 oz. Light Rum

In a tall Collins-style glass, muddle half of a lime with blackberries, Thai basil and sugar. Fill glass with ice, add rum and top off with soda. Garnish with Thai basil. Sip and enjoy!

  Chick Picks:  

Entertaining Linens

We daydream about registering for traditional, classy, silver flatware and crystal goblets at Tiffany someday, but we also have a slightly subversive side that delights in the silly and creative parts of life. We may set the table with grown-up china, but we will also have these fabulously fun, handmade wine-ring cocktail napkins from Avril Loreti.

Each napkin has a different print of a wine-ring stain—we think it brings the perfect amount of fun to the table!


Pretty Puppies

We swear there’s a jealous glint in our pup’s eyes every time that poodle from down the block waltzes past with her soft, shiny fur. Since we can’t have our baby looking like anything less than the best-tressed dog on the block, we invested in Dermagic, an organic skincare line for dogs that also treats afflictions like dermatitis and hot spots.

After using the Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner on our pup, she’s the envy of every dog in the hood.


Style Suggestion

Having a girlfriend’s opinion on a new outfit is crucial, but sometimes a girl needs a totally unbiased opinion from those in the know, that she doesn’t personally know.

Enter the brand-new fashion and shopping community, Style Scout. Post a request like: “Which of these dresses should I buy for a wedding?” and receive expert suggestions from some of the best local boutiques—or vote on options for other members. It’s free and informative (strictly in the fun way)!


Hip Happenings:


Wax On, Wax Off

If you’ve never experienced a happy hour with waxing involved, now is the time to start. The Wax Bar is running happy hour specials through the summer, where you can enjoy a cold drink with a spa treatment or waxing service in a super-chic setting—relaxing and pleasantly numbing too!

What: Happy Hour Specials at the Wax Bar (prices and treatments vary each month)
When: Now through the end of summer
Where: 5915 15th Ave. NW
Call: 206.789.2963


Backyard Bonanza

The gal with some of the best accessories in town is having a Backyard Sale so that we can all see her baubles, pocketbooks and more, in person, and indulge in a little retail therapy under the sun. Grab a cool beverage and peruse Katie Kay’s great offerings, all in the great outdoors.

What: Katie Kay Backyard Sale
When: Sunday, July 13, 1–5 pm
Where: 9715 238th St. SW, Edmonds
Call: 206.920.2442


A Sweet Sale

Clementine is having their annual Summer Blow-Out Sale, where you’ll find 25% off on all 2008 spring and summer styles, including clearance shoes from $15-$99 on brands like Corso Como, Audley and Miss Mooz. There are sure to be some sweet deals to be found here—don’t miss out!

What: Annual Summer Sale at Clementine
When: Friday, July 11–Sunday, July 13
Where: 4447 California Ave. SW
Call: 206.935.9400


A Very Merry Birthday Sale

Moxie Papergoods and Gifts is turning two years old this weekend, and to celebrate they are offering you two whole days to take 20% off of everything in the store. There will also be two drawings to win $100 worth of Moxie merchandise. Now that’s how you celebrate a birthday!

What: Moxie’s Second Birthday Sale
When: Friday, July 11, 4 pm–7 pm, Saturday, July 12, 10 am–5 pm
Where: 3916 California Avenue SW
Call: 206.932.2800


Carve out a little time this weekend to hit up all the great summer sales going on at the local boutiques. Since summer has only just arrived in Seattle, there couldn’t be a better time for sales on tank tops, shorts and flirty little dresses. And don’t forget to tell them that Seattle Picks sent ya!


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