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August 6, 2010

An old flame recently came into town—yep, our 2nd grade boyfriend paid us a visit. While most elementary school loves didn’t last past recess, ours made it three whole years, until 5th grade when he abruptly dumped us for a 4th grader who we still think was not cuter than us—but we digress.  

We reminisced about how we had planned to get married and have six kids by the ripe old age of 25 (can you imagine?), and how the most scandalous thing we ever did was secretly hold hands (it was Catholic school, after all). On the drive home, we realized our pint-sized love affair was the longest relationship we have had to this day! Wha? Our love life peaked before we hit puberty! Say it ain’t so… seriously… please… we’re begging… tell us it isn’t so!

Seattle Picks:

  1 I Spy with My Little Eye…

We have a deep love for kitchen kitsch—from funky utensils and magnets to unique serving platters, dishtowels, and art. Our tiny kitchen is chock full of it all.

CakeSpy definitely helps feed our addiction. This cutesie-tootsie boutique on Pine Street features everything delicious and darling. Not only is it a fabulous place for shopping, but this boutique is a haven for the sweet-toothed gal or guy who loves trying out new recipes, taking part in baking competitions, and learning some new tricks in the kitchen. We grabbed a sweet treat and perused the aisles of T-shirts, handbags, stationery, prints, and kitchen supplies. They have some of the cutest artwork we have ever seen—all featuring the most adorably delectable drawings by illustrator Jessie Oleson. (She gives pastries such fun personalities!)

CakeSpy definitely makes us salivate as we shop. We ended up taking home some very fun French-toast bread stamps, a packet of note cards, and a five-piece cupcake magnet set. Those cupcakes look so stinkin’ cute on our fridge!  

415 East Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98122

  2 Our Newest Crush 

We’re all about expanding our breadth of knowledge when it comes to anything DIY. Knitting, check. Scrapbooking, check. Jewelry making, check. Now we’re ready to take it up a notch. We’re ready to sew. We know—it’s a big endeavor. We’ve seen just about every frenzied and chaotic episode of Project Runway, and we’re not scared. Especially with the help of Fabric Crush in Wallingford. We’re confident that we’re in good hands. 

Located in the historic Interlake Elementary School (now known as Wallingford Center), in a spacious turn of the century classroom, Fabric Crush features cotton-based fabrics from the funky to the conventional—think sock monkey prints and tie-dyes. And who could forget accessories? With zippers, threads, books, and even sewing classes, we’re prepped to take on any and all quilting and fashion design projects! We’re ready to get some aprons, handbags, and maybe even a skirt or dress going!

But not to get ahead of ourselves. We’re taking baby steps, and shopping for adorably fun fabrics first at Fabric Crush.

Fabric Crush
1815 N 45th St., Suite 217
Seattle, WA 98103


A Rockin’ Birthday Spot

We love birthdays—just not our own (we’re a little age-phobic). We always end up at the same ho-hum-type of place to celebrate, but this year a friend suggested Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack and Watering Hole. It didn’t sound like our average birthday bash, so we thought we’d take a chance.

We quickly realized this place is anything but average… it’s awesome! Slim’s is in Georgetown, which automatically gives it some cool character—with lots of scratched-up wood floors, cold beer, whisky shots, and a pool table, it’s the perfect place to get a little wild! A different band plays almost every night, so we grabbed our besties and hit the dance floor. And did we mention they have chili? Lots of chili! We of course had to taste a little bit of each kind (it would be rude not too, right?); Texas Red, Brisket and Bean, Chili Verde and Turkey, and White Bean all served over Jalapeño Mac-N-Cheese or White Cheddar Grits. Delish!

Good thing calories don’t count on your birthday! 

Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack and Watering Hole
5606 1st Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98108

  Chick Picks:  

Naturally Beautiful 

Our mom let us order a Bonne Bell makeup kit when we were eleven years old. Since then we’ve been hooked on makeup—though now, we’re much better at putting it on.

Our new cosmetic crush? The Rock It Pigment Eye Shadow by Patina Minerals. The colors are stunning, and you can use it as an eye shadow, body shimmer, or even to go over lip gloss. And the best part? It’s all organic!


Love at First Sight

Not since Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise have we fallen instantly in love—that is, until now. When we spotted this little blue number from Bumbershoot Designs, we knew we were destined to be together forever.

The sky blue beads in this bracelet are vintage 1950s West German beads—absolutely darling. It’s vintage (love!), it’s blue (our favorite color), and it’s classic yet funky—the perfect mate for our lonely wrist.


The Scoop on Poop

We took our friend’s dog to the park as a favor. Little did we know our four-legged friend would paint the park brown. Armed with one plastic bag, we folded and refolded to pick up his mess—what’s she feeding him?

In hindsight (pun intended) we needed the ScooPup Pocket from Tiny Growl. The super cute waterproof pocket makes the undignified task of picking up poo almost dignified. Our friend owes us big time!

Hip Happenings:


Let’s Celebrate!

For anniversaries, the 25th is silver and the 50th is gold, but what about the 3rd? It’s leather—and to us that means handbags at Clutch! They’re celebrating their third anniversary with a swanky party featuring specials, giveaways, refreshments, music, and—drum roll please—the fall launch of local designer Rocco e Dante handbags! So fun!

What: Clutch’s 3-Year Anniversary Party
When: Thursday, Aug. 12, 4–8 pm
Where: Clutch, 1212 4th Ave.
Call: 206.624.2362


CRAVE Summer Party! 

We’re always craving a little quality time with our best gal pals for shopping, eating, pampering—you name it. Lucky for us, we can do it all at the CRAVE Summer Party. It’s a fun evening of cocktails, nibbles, mini-spa treatments, and of course, shopping! You and your girls won’t want to miss it.

What: CRAVE Summer Party
When: Wednesday, Aug. 18, 6–9:30 pm
Where: Shilshole Bay Beach Club
Tickets: $35


Time for a Drink

Just when we thought the brunch at Salty’s couldn’t get any better—it does! They are adding a Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar. We understand if you need a minute to collect yourself—we did. You can jeuje up your drink up with a host of goodies including, bacon vodka! Sunday can’t get here fast enough.

What: Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar
When: Sunday Brunch
Where: Salty’s on Alki and Redondo Beach


 Happy National S’Mores Day! 

Aug. 10 is National S’mores Day (Who knew??)! In honor of what is sure to be our new favorite holiday, Chef Tiffany Layco of the Library Bistro/Bookstore will be giving out free (yes, FREE) homemade s’mores in front of the Alexis Hotel. All that gooey, gloppy, goodness and no sleeping in a tent—perfection! 

What: Free S’mores for National S’mores Day
When: Tuesday, Aug. 10, 12–1 pm
Where: Alexis Hotel, 1007 1st Ave.
Call: 206.624.4844


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