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What they are Saying...

You guys are the best!  I don’t know how you found me, but you did and it doesn’t matter. You put my business “Laura Lights” in Seattle Picks and what a fabulous response. And great quality to your write ups... a BIG thank you!
Laura,  lauralights.com  

"Y'all are amazing and Seattle is lucky to have such a great group of ladies representing us in such a fabulous and fun way!  Keep up the great work!"
~ Kerrie Wilton, Olive, www.olivetoshop.com

"Love, love, love your newsletter! When I read today's opening note I thought you'd been following me around all summer!!! That's a big part of what I love, even though I'm "older" it feels like your friends and letting me in on all the best and newest cool stuff! Your newsletter is such a great resource for us."
~ Susan, C'est la Vie and www.clvcatalog.com

"I wanted to thank you for the article you wrote on Curio. I got a lot of people in the door because of it and it was just so sweet!"
~ Maria

"I found these brilliant new Morelle bags that are handmade in Amsterdam on SEATTLE PICKS. They fit in perfectly with my lingerie and are gorgeous to touch. THANK YOU for continually sending out inspired and entertaining emails each week – I am so excited to have found this brand through YOU!"
~ Jennifer Carroll, www.bellefleurlingerie.com 

"I absolutely love Seattle Picks! Thank you for creating something so fabulously readable!"
~ BreeAnna M., DRY Soda Co.

"Receiving Seattle Picks is a highlight of every Friday. I can't tell you how many events I've attended, restaurants I've eaten at, or stores I've gone to because of your stories! You do us Seattleites a HUGE service."
~ Sheri, www.verysheri.com

"We've been very happy with the results of our promotion and are glad we included Seattle Picks in our plans. "
~ Elizabeth, Vida Spa

"Just wanted to let you know that I love today's Seattle Picks! Ha ha of course I always love your emails…but we are drooling over the Christian Louboutins at Betty Lin (and we had never heard of it) and the Tomtom necklace. We printed out the cocktail recipe… I will be making it at my next party!"
~ Rachel S., Mario's www.marios.com

"Just found your website and love it!"
~ Matt B., Gene Juarez Spas and Salons

"My out of town friends want to get a quaint, Seattle feel when exploring the city and your newsletter has helped me with local name-dropping and unique hangouts and findings. Thanks for giving me a little heads up on what's going on!"
~ Tracy, Chemical Wedding Handbags

"Great job on the ad by the way, I'm getting tons of orders from Seattle readers!"
~ Sahlia, www.SahliaMichelle.com

"We all love this site!"
~ Rachel S., of Mario's

"Thank you, Seattle Picks! What a lovely writeup about my new boutique! What a wonderful eye you have for fun things! Makes me want to be sure to be up to your high expectations always! People come in and mention Seattle Picks--you rock! XO"
Sandy, of Sandylew

"I love reading your weekly email, and especially love the commentary that runs through it. ... You ladies are awesome!"

"I love your weekly newsletter. Thanks for keeping up on all the hip events in Seattle."
~ Sydney, Associate Producer Fashion First

"Thanks so much for the write-up!  I've gotten some great responses so far, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy to read such nice things about my stuff." 
~ Nancy, www.nancyphannyc.com

"I have just read the nice review you gave to my store Red Ticking and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart...come in anytime! The door is always open!"
~ Pam

"I really appreciate the fabulous write up on the shop!!"
~ Kelie Grosso, owner, Maison Luxe

"As a small business owner I am so grateful for the exposure. It is so helpful in growing my business!"
~ Cheers, Jennifer Carroll, Owner, Bellefleur lingerie boutique, www.bellefleurlingerie.com

"I just wanted to thank you for the writeup. It really made my day brighter."
~ xoxo Erin at Edie's Shoes, www.ediesshoes.com

"I love the write-up -- well worth the wait! And I already have some new business ... I received some very promising inquiries from Seattle stores after Seattle Picks ran!"
~ Jenna, Woolie Originals

"Thanks so much. We had a lot of great traffic to the site and have continued to since running in Chick Picks!"
~ Erin, BurkeDecor.com

"I usually hate the thought of opening email first thing on a Friday with the exception of my Seattle Picks. I think you guys are super and true to your mission sending out tips and little known locations that we might otherwise miss."
~ Jennifer

"Seattle Picks is by far the best way for me to spend my ad dollars.  The response has been overwhelming! ... Your newsletter is so good!"
~ Ryan, Littleput Pendants

Love getting your email every Friday. Fun to read and very well written!
~ Janelle Lancaster, illi

Thanks for the blurb on our 3rd anniversary event. We had a terrific turnout and the whole weekend was great.
Frances Smersh, Click! Design That Fits

"Thank you so much for the beautiful write-up a few weeks ago. ... I have had a number of customers mention the article as the way they discovered us. ... it means a great deal to those of us who are independent retailers."

"I got a lot of hits on my site on both Fridays I was mentioned in Seattle Picks!"
Tonia, Clover House

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